Advertising translation

Any translation for use in the business world has different challenges. In the case of marketing and publicity, it is essential that the translator considers the final objective of the source text, which is to present a company and sell its products in the target market. An ideal marketing and publicity translator is someone who understands the target market and adapts the original text to the potential client. Marketing and publicity texts use language in a more creative and sometimes, literary nature. This implies both the use of colloquial expressions and metaphorical language and greater semantics. Therefore, the translator must have proficiency in the language in the literary field and in everyday life as one of the necessary skills for this type of translations.

Type of documents to translate in marketing and publicity

  • Publicity brochures and triptychs
  • Television adverts
  • Corporate webs
  • Company presentations
  • Newspaper and journal adverts
  • Press releases
  • Publicity videos
  • Banners
  • E-mails
  • Promotional letters