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When we hire an interpreting service, it is normal to worry about who is going to do the work. Translation and interpreting agencies do a selection and testing work to offer the best professional profiles to their clients. However, it is normal that as a client you want to review and check that this selection is the right one to ensure that the event will go perfectly. Language interpreting, or...
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PDF files are one of the most widespread formats for displaying text content in documents. This is why it is often the only format we have for translating a contract, a brochure, a data sheet or a user manual . However, PDF files are only content exchange files. In fact, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The only purpose in life of a PDF file is that we can see it and share it without...
Business Management
There are many professional translation services in Madrid to translate your documents. Each translation agency will offer you different services with different quality and features . [TOC] In this article we want to explain to you what makes a good professional document translation service , in order to help you make the best choice for your next project. Professional translation of documents:...
We all know, the world is becoming more and more digital and this process is going faster and faster. If it was fast before the Covid-19 pandemic, now, in the “new normality”, it's speeding up. The interpretation (or oral or spoken translation) industry is one of many industries that have been affected by this new reality and have had to adapt. Let's make a brief introduction of these two basic...
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Beyond the categorical claims of aggressive salesmen with penetrating eyes that ensure perfect translations from their translation agencies, translation still has a lot of art and little science . In this scenario, perfection is hard to achieve. What is indeed possible is to get professional quality translations . It's all about processes, tools and human capital. This is where your distributors...
Business Management
To choose a medical translation company in Madrid that meets your needs , you must take into account certain criteria that correspond to the inherent characteristics of medical translation. Let's look at the top 5 criteria to consider when choosing the best translation agency for our projects. [TOC] A medical translation agency that responds to your needs Firstly, the first criterion to take into...
Any translation should offer a high level of quality , whatever the nature of the document or article in question. This statement will no doubt lead you to ask yourself some questions. For example: "What are the characteristics of a well-translated document?" At AbroadLink Translations we explain it to you! [TOC] A good translation has no formal errors Obviously, a good translation does not...
Let's imagine for a moment that a Belgian fellow we travels to a small rural village lost in the middle of Castilla la Mancha in Spain to spend his holidays. After spending two weeks there, he falls madly in love with the sunny village and its people, so he decides to buy a house. When he goes to the notary and wow... the notary speaks neither French nor Flemish. So what's next? Where is he going...
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Arno Stern is an extraordinary man. How many people do you know who were born in 1924 who do online seminars? Yes, Arno Stern is 96 years old but that's no reason not to use new technologies and take his knowledge beyond the borders of France. In addition, Arno Stern speaks French, but thanks to the remote interpretation services of our translation agency , 20 Italian trainees were able to enjoy...
Would you like to be able to offer your webinar in other languages? Do you like the simplicity and reliability of ClickMeeting and you'd like to keep using it, but you need to do the interpretation into other languages? If your answer is “yes” to both questions, you will be interested to know that, although ClickMeeting does not officially support interpretation into other languages, there are...