AbroadLink applies its winning formula to patent translation

Published on 01/01/2006

After 2 years acting behind the scenes as a patent translation subcontractor, AbroadLink has now stepped forward to offer a unique translation process created to best meet the requirements of patent translations.

Following the corporate focus on quality, the company will specialize in 16 subject areas and 8 European languages. Furthermore, in order to assure the maximum guarantees and quality to customers, all highly technical patent translations will be performed by subject specialists dedicated to translation (medical doctors, biologists, electronic engineers, pharmacists...) and then edited by professionally trained technical translators.

However, the two most important strategies upon which AbroadLink´s management relies are the knowledge of their project managers in regard to patent translation and the use of translation memory technology, which is possible thanks to the pretreatment of patent text by AbroadLink’s DTP department. This pre-treatment looks to assure that all formatting requirements of the national states are met before the patent specification reaches the translator.

AbroadLink expects that the use of translation memory technology will attract the attention of patent lawyers and corporate legal departments, especially those dealing with divisional applications, multiple related patents and heavily amended applications from the corresponding patent office.

With the aim of perfecting this unparalleled translation process, this month AbroadLink will conduct a survey among Intellectual Property Agents in a bid to discover their experiences with the world of translation along with other factual data. AbroadLink’s patent translation website, www.european-patent-translations.com, will fulfill the company’s purpose of offering relevant information to patent professionals and will clearly present the patent translation offer and emphasize AbroadLink’s position as a specialized patent translation provider.

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Josh Gambin

Josh Gambin holds a 5-year degree in Biology from the University of Valencia (Spain) and a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain). He has worked as a freelance translator, in-house translator, desktop publisher and project manager. From 2002, he is a founding member of AbroadLlink and currently works as Marketing and Sales Manager.

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