AbroadLink visits the Gulfood: the most important F&B event in the Middle East

Published on 22/02/2022

Any international Event makes cultures come together, but it was extraordinary at the Gulfood. Cultural diversity par excellence with people from all 5 continents completely outbalanced, this is not casually seen in Asian, American or European business events. We all know that the agri-food sector is a basic human necessity and we all depend on it.

The European presence was huge

The French agri-food sector made its presence clear with 75 French businesses attending. Some brands were: Prolac, Natais and Lesieur. However, it was the Spanish and Italian companies that had the largest presence in terms of number. Especially companies fom the olive sector were present. A total of 159 Spanish and 167 Italian companies attended the Gulfood.

Spanish companies in the Middle East

We were able to visit Gullón’s stand, one of the leading companies in the Spanish market and one of our flagship customers. Gullón was founded in 1892 and there is probably no child in Spain who has not tried one of their biscuits.


Apart from European companies, Gulfood brought together about 4,000 companies from all over the world, with a large presence of Asian and African companies.

AbroadLink was represented by its sales and marketing director, who was able to sample many exotic dishes from various stands and came back with some extra kilos!


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