AbroadLink integrates MemoQ into its management system for real-time project tracking

Published on 22/01/2024

In December 2023, AbroadLink purchased the licence for the integration of memoQ TMS with XTRF, the management system used by the company. XTRF is currently the most sophisticated and fastest growing management system for translation companies in recent years. From 2024, AbroadLink will enjoy both SDL Studio and memoQ TMS integration.

The combination of the two technologies will give AbroadLink greater flexibility, allowing it to allocate different technologies according to the specific needs of its clients and to take advantage of the features that make each of these CAT tools unique.

Online and collaborative translation projects

To meet the requirements of clients who need to complete large projects in a short time, there is the possibility for translators to share a translation memory in real time, feeding it with their translations. Not only does this help to maintain coherence, but it also reduces turnaround times.

AbroadLink purchased memoQ server in 2013 in order to satisfy the needs of its clients with this type of project. The fact that it is a well-known technology was one of the criteria for choosing memoQ as a tool for collaborative project management integrated with the XTRF translation management system.

From desktop to web

The idea and the first solutions allowing translators to work on a web interface are more than 20 years old, as illustrated by our marketing director, Josh Gambín, in his article “Evolution of cloud-based translation memory”, published in 2014 by the American magazine Multilingual.

Language technology companies such as XTM and Memsource were founded with this purpose in mind, and the latest trend in the sector is to follow this path, where translators access a website to carry out their translations. RWS, the owner of the leading software on the market, is therefore focusing on this line of business, while memoQ has significantly improved this solution.

This model has several advantages. To name but a few: 1) Technology companies secure a subscription model and maintain a single system under their control; 2) Translation companies and agencies have greater control over projects and can work with a single technology with more efficient workflows; and, 3) Translators do not necessarily have to buy an expensive licence with upgrades and can work from any browser.

The hyper-connected world

Twenty years ago, it was not possible to work with this cloud-based model, despite its many advantages, because connections were generally too slow to allow smooth and stable work.

Today, however, we live connected to the Internet, making it both possible and logical to adapt this technology. That is why we believe it is a good time to incorporate this technology into AbroadLink, given that it will become more and more prevalent in the coming years and that it offers great advantages to all the actors involved: technology companies, translation providers, clients and freelance translators.

As it becomes operational and the usual resistance to model and workflow changes fades, AbroadLink's goal is to increase workflows based entirely on the cloud. At AbroadLink we believe that this technology will eventually become the standard model and that it is now a competitive advantage that we can offer our clients.

MemoQ TMS: the best solution according to AbroadLink

The choice of memoQ TMS is a strategic decision. Any of the current solutions, such as XTM, RWS Cloud and Phrase, are on a similar level and may offer other particular advantages. However, as a whole, memoQ TMS has a number of features that make it a unique and more competitive solution.

memoQ is the only company that is not subject to the decision of capital investors who have nothing to do with translation, while also being a solid, profitable company with a good business track record. memoQ is the only company to offer a cloud-based solution that clients can install on the servers of their choice; all other solutions involve connecting to their server exclusively. Although all solutions involve a high investment in technology, we find that memoQ gives more for less. memoQ is the only solution to date that can be integrated with XTRF's new interface, Smart Projects, the management software's major enhancement for the future.

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Josh Gambin

Josh Gambin holds a 5-year degree in Biology from the University of Valencia (Spain) and a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain). He has worked as a freelance translator, in-house translator, desktop publisher and project manager. From 2002, he is a founding member of AbroadLlink and currently works as Marketing and Sales Manager.

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