Advantages of translating the blog of your website

Published on 23/03/2021

The blog part of your website is of crucial importance for SEO. It is a section that is updated often and that search engines visit regularly.

If you have a bilingual website, or even more languages, the thorny question of the blog arises.

Even if it costs more time and money, translating your blog posts has important advantages with the consequent return on investment.


Blog translation to set quality goals

Blog translation to set quality goals

When you start to translate blog posts on your websiteIt should be worth it. By this we mean that the original article must be of high quality and add value to the content already available online.

Therefore, to stand out from the articles already present on the web, you have to be original and have ideas; in short, relevant topics are needed. In addition, these contents must be culturally exportable: for example, the translation of a Spanish blog article into English should interest Anglo-Saxons.

Your website deserves a translated blog to guarantee the coherence of the whole

Your website deserves a translated blog to guarantee the coherence of the whole

Having a bilingual website and a part of the blog (or other parts of the page) in one language can be frustrating for your visitors. The blog is the section that Internet users go to for the latest news, as a blog section must be regularly updated to be credible.

If you have any international ambitions, you can't do without a translated blog (Even if you call this section something else, "news", for example).

Automatic blog translation: don't fall for the traps

Do not fall into the traps with automatic blog translation

Just as they are not taken seriously by human netizens, automatic translations of blog articles Without anyone having intervened in them in the post-editing, they play against you in the search engines.

We insist on the fact that using, for example, Google Translate translations directly can be labelled as "duplicate content", which is suicidal in terms of SEO and web positioning, as an Portent article indicates here.

Translation agency or freelance translator for the translation of your website blog?

Translation agency or freelance translator for the translation of your website blog

A translation agency is, of course, the panacea to regularly translate your blog posts. Contrary to popular belief, the budget required for these types of translations does not have to be astronomical: many agencies offer quantity discounts for similar translations that are repeated frequently and regularly.

However, there are other solutions as well. You can hire a freelance translator through specific platforms or try participatory translation (this last option is only for you if you are not in a hurry or too demanding with quality).

Translating a web page is not an easy task and it takes time and preparation, according to the Motionpoint website. If you waste time translating articles from your blog that are not relevant to your target markets, you will face great disappointment.

It is better to think and document from the conception of the blog of your website to understand what is promising, both in the original language and in a possible translated version.

Whether you resort to a translation agency like AbroadLink Translations or if you opted for another translation method, it won't be able to save you the trouble of racking your brains first.

Finding good and original ideas in a highly competitive and connected world is the key to success.

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