Advantages of translating the product sheets on your website

Published on 26/05/2020

The translation of product sheets is a fundamental aspect for any e-commerce whose objectives are, above all, to improve the customer experience and increase the conversion rate.

But why should we translate our e-commerce files when we already sell our products internationally? Here are the advantages of translating web product sheets.

Consumer preferences

Consumer preferences

According to a study carried out by Nielsen in 2016, 57% of e-commerce consumers in the world declared that they had bought in the foreign market through the Internet. In Spain, 72.1% of Spanish Internet users (around 86.6% of the total population) use e-commerce to purchase products or services.

Another study, published this time by the Common Sense Advisory, shows that 75% of people surveyed prefer to shop on a website translated into their mother tongue, and that more than 92% of these prefer to shop on a website whose prices are displayed in their local currency.

For more information, you can also consult the article by the web hosting provider Kinsta on the Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, which includes the main studies and statistics on e-commerce and the purchasing behaviour of Internet users at a global level.

A good strategy for companies

A good strategy for companies

Both studies show thatan e-commerce site translated into the mother tongue and offering prices in the local currency are determining criteria for consumers when deciding.

In addition to responding to the needs and expectations of potential customers, translating the product sheets of a website can be a very good strategy to strengthen the image of the company and improve its business results. In fact, this will make it possible to identify the countries or geographical areas in which it is hoped to expand activities, always taking into account location.

Translation of product sheets: quality and reliability guarantee

Translation of product sheets quality and reliability assurance

We can detect that we are dealing with a well translated product sheet, if it is impossible to detect whether it has been translated or directly written by the editor in his mother tongue.

Moreover, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of the content of a website, whatever it may be, since for them it is a guarantee of quality and seriousness, a decisive criterion when deciding whether or not to buy from a website.

A fundamental element for search engine positioning

A fundamental element for search engine positioning

In order to maintain a good search engine positioning of our e-commerce site, both in our country and in the foreign countries we are targeting, it is much more effective to perform a professional translation than a simple copy and paste or an automatic translation, which may also cause our website to be sanctioned by Google.

Performing a professional translation is definitely the best option for a multilingual e-commerce website, not only because it offers us a detailed study of the key words in the target language, but also because it provides us with a translation adapted to the target country, optimizing the search engine positioning of our website in that country.

Optimize the customer experience, improve conversion rates, visibility, search engine positioning, etc. In short, there are many advantages to translating web product sheets and it would be a shame, even harmful, to do without it today.

Obviously, these translations must be carried out by professional translators, not only to maintain a serious and quality corporate image, but also to respond to the difficulties posed by these translations(legal translation for general sales conditions, analysis of search engine positioning, etc.).

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