Characteristics of data sheet translation

Published on 08/12/2021

When we talk about data sheet, we refer to a document which includes the main characteristics, composition and applications of a certain product, providing detailed information of its features.

In a globalized world like ours, the translation of data sheets is essential from a marketing point of view: it is not possible to sell if the consumer does not understand how the product works.

Before we dive into the world of technical data sheet translation, we need to determine the main characteristics of this type of document.

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  1. Characteristics of data sheets
  2. Characteristics of data sheet translation

1. Characteristics of data sheets

The main purpose of a technical data sheet is the technical description of a product, so it usually presents direct, objective language, without ambiguities or literary references.

Some of its main characteristics are:

  • Schematic presentation of information, in form of tables.
  • Rarely complete sentences.
  • Predominance of expository intention.
  • Abundant use of nouns and collocations.

2. Characteristics of data sheet translation

The translation of technical data sheets, like other types of technical translation, has a series of specific characteristics that must be taken into account during the translation process:

  • Proficiency in both working languages It is essential to have a native command of the target language, as well as a certain knowledge of the subject matter to be translated.
  • Adequacy of terminology The translator must be able to adapt the exact terminology of the text to the regarding sector. Translating the instruction manual for an engine is not the same as translating the instruction manual for an agricultural machine.
  • Accuracy and clarity The translation must be a correct and accurate translation of the original text.
  • Consistent terminology use A term should only have one translation used throughout the document, in order to avoid confusion.
  • Consistency to prior projects If there are repetitive phrases, they should always be translated identically. The internal consistency of the document must be maintained.

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