Creative and accurate: Translating social media contents matters

Published on 14/11/2022

Nowadays, when it comes to doing business, social media represent the best showcases, being a channel between the company and potential customers. Regardless of the user’s home country or current location, there is a chance that they will come across your brand and may fall in love.

However, the country of origin always conditions the market; trying to sell a product in Spain will never be the same as trying to sell it in China.

Although social media is the perfect and easiest channel to seduce potential clients, you need to offer a value proposition for the target culture and language, which is simplified by hiring the services of a specialised translation company.

1. The importance of accurate translations of social media contents

Within digital marketing, the use of social networks is positioned as key strategy. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, are the most common options not only to promote products or services but also to generate website clicks or e-commerce.

In terms of globalisation, they represent an effective support, by simply taking the content published in Spanish and translating it into English or the native language of your target audience.

The challenge lies in the fact that each social network has its own particularities, which you must analyse and consider in order to avoid mistakes that would make your brand ridiculous in customer’s eyes, or worse, damage your reputation.

2. Professional translation is the key to success

As a translation company and specialists in English translations B2B, we have qualified personnel in the handling and management of social media content.

Like only few translation companies in the country, we value the importance of knowing in detail how each platform works, delimiting the possible obstacles that may arise.

3. Every social media platform is different

Despite sharing the same core, social networks are different platforms targeting different audiences - one only has to look at a Facebook posts and the content shared via Twitter to recognisze major differences.

Consequently, the content must be adapted to the social network requirements, as well as its corresponding translation into English, Portuguese or any other language.

3. Possible space limits

While some platforms do not restrict the length of text, there are social networks that limit content to a certain number of characters per post. The problem with this is that, if the number is exceeded in translation, only part of the original message can be seen, reducing the original message.

4. Each platform has its own language

As a specialised translation agency, we know that different platforms are predominated by different languages, which may be confusing. The lack of familiarity with things like “hashtag”, “DM” or “haters” makes deep knowledge indispensable, not to mention the expressions that tend to change according to the country and even language variant.

In social media marketing, the key is engagement, or in other words, make the message create a feeling of connection with the users and brings them closer to the brand. This makes accurate translations of social media content a basic need for every success-orientated company.

5. Demand and immediate response

Social networks are dynamic and interactive, you can't wait a week before responding to a message from the audience or take advantage of specific moments to upload content.

Our job as a translation company is to provide you with a social media management plan to guarantee accurate content depending on the specific social network and its translation.

6. Avoid machine translation

Increasing your company’s international presence through social media is the cheapest and most effective way, however, success requires getting things right, machine translation processes are basically an open door to misunderstandings or false interpretations.

Social media users always pay attention to the content uploaded by brands and can be the best or the worse critics wof your products and influence your business’ reputation.

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