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Published on 22/03/2024

At a time when our planet seems to be just a click away thanks to the magic of the Internet, translation is becoming crucial to ensuring that everyone understands each other. Behind this art are professionals who work behind the scenes to ensure that every word crosses language barriers with precision and consistency. But who are they? Let's delve into the world of translation agencies and find out more about their superheroes!

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  1. Translators
  2. Proofreaders
  3. Project managers 
  4. Conclusion

1. Translators

Translators are at the heart of every translation agency. They don't just translate words from one language to another, they aim to capture the essence of the original message, i.e. the nuance, tone and intention. They also understand cultural differences, adapt idiomatic expressions and bring messages to life.

There are various specialist translators to meet specific needs. Literary translators are the true guardians of textual beauty, preserving emotion and art in their translations. Technical translators juggle with the precision of specialised terms in technical documents or manuals. While legal translators ensure the accuracy of legal documents, contracts and texts. They play a key role in protecting rights and obligations. Another particularly critical area is that of medical translation, in which every word can have vital implications. Medical translators are indispensable allies in ensuring the accurate transmission of crucial information in the medical field.

To maintain terminological consistency, these professionals use glossaries, collections of terms in a specific field, which guide their lexical choices to ensure accurate and consistent translations. They also use an additional tool: translation memories, those magical toolboxes that store segments of text that have already been translated, enabling translators to re-use similar passages in subsequent contexts. 

2. Proofreaders

While translators play with words, proofreaders are like detectives looking for errors. Proofreaders are linguists who are experts in the target language and have in-depth knowledge of linguistic nuances, as they are usually also translators. Within a translation agency, they may have to perform both tasks depending on the needs of the project. For example, a translator may complete a translation project and then submit it to a proofreader for a final revision before delivery to the customer.

The proofreaders' crucial task is to guarantee the final quality of the translated document by tracking down inconsistencies, polishing grammar and ensuring that the tone flows smoothly from beginning to end. These expert linguists play an essential role as proofreaderseditors and reviewers, assessing the clarity of the message and its appropriateness to the cultural context of the target audience.

But that's not all: they also adhere to rigorous standards to guarantee the excellence of their work.

ISO 17100, for example, is an international standard that defines the requirements for translation services, including those for proofreading processes. By adhering to this standard, proofreaders undertake to maintain high standards of quality and comply with strict procedures.

3. Project managers 

Within a translation company, the coordination of efforts is as essential as individual competence. Armed with full agendas rather than magic wands, project managers are the masters of coordination within a translation agency. They are the intermediaries between customers and translators.

Their role extends far beyond the simple translation process: they start with an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs. They then select the appropriate translators based on their expertise, and oversee every stage of the project, from logistical details to precise specifications.

Project managers also ensure that all logistical aspects, such as deadlines, budgets and specifications, are met. Their role begins long before the first translation and extends beyond the delivery of the final project, as they coordinate everything, ensuring that the translation is completed on time, without stress and that the process runs smoothly from A to Z.


In conclusion, a translation agency is a place where professionals with a wide range of skills work together to ensure effective communication on a global scale.

Professional translators, the creators of meaning, proofreaders, the guardians of quality, and project managers, the orchestra conductors, form a harmonious team. Equipped with their linguistic superpowers, they use tools such as glossaries and translation memories to make the world a smaller place by allowing the diversity of languages to coexist harmoniously.

By understanding the importance of the players and the role each plays within a translation company, we can truly appreciate the commitment and dedication required to ensure the success of a translation agency as a crucial element in global communication.

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