Professional document translation service in Madrid

Published on 13/10/2020

There are many professional translation services in Madrid to translate your documents. Each translation agency will offer you different services with different quality and features.

In this article we want to explain to you what makes a good professional document translation service, in order to help you make the best choice for your next project.

Professional translation of documents: generalist or specialized agency?

Professional translation of documents

Some document translation companies specialize in one or two sectors of activity (legal translation, technical translation, etc.), while other so-called generalist companies offer their services in a multitude of different areas. In fact, between a generalist and a specialized translation agency, there is no one that is better than the other.

What really matters is the quality of the professional translators who work for them. A generalist agency that carefully selects the professional translators it works with will be able to offer you quality translations regardless of the field of expertise.

For the translation of a medical document, for example, an agency offering a professional translation service for medical documents should be able to entrust your content to an experienced medical translator who specialises in the specific field to which the content refers (medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, research, etc.)

Choosing the best translation agency: other criteria to consider

Choosing the best translation agency other criteria to consider

Do you need a document translated and are you looking for the best translation agency? Here are other criteria to take into account when choosing your translation service.

The quality of the language services proposal

In addition to the content of the proposal itself, it is important that the document translation service you work with is flexible and responsive. The proposal of language services should not only satisfy your needs in a moment X, before the project starts and your collaboration begins.

But you must be able to easily adapt these requirements during the course of the project, if necessary. Your translation agency must be able to react and know how to adapt to this type of situation, as well as the possible future development of your company or the nature of your projects.

Guarantees regarding translation services

Give preference to professional document translation companies that can guarantee the quality of their services. This includes certifications of the services they offer.

The ISO 17100 certification, for example, which is specific to the provision of translation services, guarantees that the services offered by the company you have chosen meet strict quality criteria. Specifically, this standard requires that the proposed translation service include a first phase of translation and a second phase of revision, each carried out by a different translator. The ISO 9001 standard, specific to quality management of all types of service provision or product manufacture, is also a good guarantee of professional quality for a translation company.

Translation rates

The last criterion to be taken into account is obviously the price of the proposed services. Make sure the prices are in line with the market. To be able to determine an acceptable market price, it is advisable to ask several companies for a quote. Please note, however, that the price will vary from one agency to another, but also according to other criteria specific to your project (language into which you want to translate, volume of work, etc.).
AbroadLink is a professional document translation agency in Madrid that offers you quality translators specialised in various sectors (industrial, medical, financial, legal, commercial, digital, etc.)

We work with professional translators who are recognized and experienced in each of these sectors. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to receive a personalized quote.

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