Influencer marketing in global campaigns

Published on 07/11/2023

Influencer marketing in global campaigns involves working with influencers to promote products, services or messages on a global scale. This strategy relies on the reputation and followers of influencers to reach specific audiences in different parts of the world. 

We'll look at the definition and selection of influencers, how an influencer campaign works and why it's important. Then we'll look at the example of the "Red Bull Stratos" campaign.

Definition and selection of influencers

1.    Mega Influencers 

They have the largest audiences and the widest reach. They are often the best-known celebrities in their field or individuals who are extremely popular on social media. Their audience numbers are generally in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Because of their high profile, they have a global presence and can reach a wide range of people in different markets.

2.    Macro Influencers 

Macro influencers are just below mega influencers in terms of audience size. They have considerable reach and are often experts or enthusiasts in their field. Their audience can vary from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand followers. Macro influencers often have a national or regional reach, rather than global.

When choosing an influencer, you need to take into account your campaign objectives and budgets. Mega-influencers have a wider reach but can be more expensive. Macro influencers, on the other hand, can offer more authentic and targeted engagement.

How global influencer marketing works 

1.    Creative collaboration 

Brands and influencers work together to create content that incorporates the brand's products or services in a natural way. Content can take the form of videos, blog articles, social media posts, etc.

2.    Global distribution 

Once the content has been created, the influencers share it with their global audience. Because of their popularity, these influencers have the ability to reach a large number of people across different countries. As a result, they have an influence on global campaigns, allowing companies to achieve strong audience growth.

3.    Impact on the audience 

Suggestions from influencers can have a major impact on the purchasing decisions and perceptions of consumers. Audiences often see these influencers as reliable sources of information, because they are consumers too.

The importance of global influencer marketing 

1.    Wider reach 

Content creators can have an international marketing influence. This allows companies to reach a wide audience in different parts of the world, increasing brand visibility.

2.    Specific targeting 

Influencers have specific followers. By choosing the right influencers, brands can reach demographic groups or niches that are relevant to their products. The marketing campaign will therefore reach a target audience that is in line with the influencer's audience.

3.    Increased credibility 

When suggestions come from credible and authentic influencers, consumers are more inclined to trust the products or services being promoted. But the influencer's personality and content must be taken into account, because if the marketing action is unrelated, it could discredit both the brand and the content creator.

4.    Varied content 

Influencers bring a unique and creative perspective to product promotion, which can help diversify marketing strategies.

5.    Cultural adaptation 

Local influencers understand cultural nuances, allowing campaigns to adapt to the differences and preferences of each region.

6.    Greater engagement 

Influencer audiences often interact with their content, which can lead to engagement or discussion around the brand.

“Red Bull Stratos" campaign

1.    Objective 

To promote Red Bull's bold and adventurous brand image while attesting to the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings".

2.    Strategy 

The company worked with Austrian astronaut Felix Baumgartner to make a parachute jump from the stratosphere. The event was carefully planned and documented so that it could be broadcast live on the Internet and on television. 

3.    Implementation 

The campaign was launched in 2012 with teasers and videos showing how Felix Baumgartner was preparing for the event. On the day of the jump, a live broadcast was organised on the Internet and on television channels around the world. 

Influencers, including extreme athletes and media personalities, helped to promote the event by sharing messages on social media, creating international influencer marketing.

4.    Results 

The "Red Bull Stratos" campaign was a major success. The event captured worldwide attention, attracting over 8 million live viewers on YouTube and also attracting the attention of the traditional media. Felix Baumgartner's feat was covered by magazines and social media. This reinforced Red Bull's reputation as an innovative and adventurous brand.

In conclusion, global influencer marketing presents challenges, including the management of cultural differences, the coherence of the message and the need for the careful selection of influencers to ensure real relevance. A thorough understanding of target markets is also essential.

The "Red Bull Stratos" campaign illustrates how influencer marketing campaigns can be used to create a memorable and daring event that engages audiences around the world. Our translation company AbroadLink can also help you with your marketing campaigns.

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