International events for SMEs in 2023: stand out

Published on 06/02/2023

The year 2023 is full of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to offer their products and services. These events are the meeting point for a large number of SMEs, providing a very relevant means of dissemination. Those with an international character are obviously a good opportunity to attract customers. But it can all come to nothing if basic aspects of communication are neglected. At such events, relying on a reliable translation agency can make a difference.

A major transport and logistics congress called ASTRE will be held in 2023. Languages such as Italian, German and Portuguese will therefore be in common use. Companies wishing to have new business relationships in order to sell should bear in mind that it is essential to have made efforts in this respect. For a company in the sector that wishes to develop in these markets, it is clear that an English translation is non-negotiable, because not only must it have its documentation and content in Spanish, but it must also show the necessary solvency to offer good communication.

The Basque Open Industry 2023, in which the Basque Country will become the centre of European industry and SMEs, will take place in November. This is an event with a strong commercial focus that could lead to the creation of new bridges. Translating a website and all the sections that make it up is a task that is not carried out automatically. The use of translators, even the most advanced ones based on artificial intelligence, is a double-edged sword. The right thing to do is to entrust this task to a translation company. Machines cannot differentiate words with multiple meanings, they make mistakes and, above all, they are unable to contextualise a text. Just imagine the problems this can cause for companies seeking to stand out, attract customers and project a good image.

1. The importance of good communication skills

In an increasingly globalised world, it has become easier to do business with customers from any country. Hence the importance of entrusting translation services to professional companies. These events are not only a showcase, but also a fantastic opportunity to establish business links. Translation companies must be able to offer a suitable service to all companies that request it. To do this, they must have the right professionals who can offer a diverse range of languages, depending on the languages of origin of the emerging powers. Obviously, we are talking about countries like China or India, which are setting the pace in international trade.

It is clear that companies that rely heavily on a good translation and interpreting service are the ones that will have the best business opportunities. In many countries it is seen as a priority for a business partner to be able to communicate in the source language of the company with which they want to do business.

Therefore, translation agencies play a key role. Especially now that competitiveness is at its peak in the aftermath of the pandemic. Past formulas, which were once successful, are no longer valid; it is now necessary to go for versatility and to offer adequate communication to both parties. This is another way for the company to put its cards on the table, but it is clear that the results are not long in coming.

SME events in 2023 are just around the corner and will be the start of a year full of opportunities for everyone. Showing that you are a serious company, that you rely on quality communication and that you are able to offer your catalogue without mistakes in any language, is a step forward and puts you in an advantageous position. Anything less than these solutions is nothing more than a waste of time, but above all, a missed opportunity that may not happen again.

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