Interpretation in ClickMeeting

Published on 11/09/2020

Would you like to be able to offer your webinar in other languages? Do you like the simplicity and reliability of ClickMeeting and you'd like to keep using it, but you need to do the interpretation into other languages?

If your answer is “yes” to both questions, you will be interested to know that, although ClickMeeting does not officially support interpretation into other languages, there are solutions to be able to perform interpretation and continue using ClickMeeting.

There are many applications and programs available today for remote meetings and conferences and therefore many options with different prices and features.

Here is an overview of the basic features and options of ClickMeeting, which, apart from being simple to use, offers many functions of interest to individuals, companies and translation agencies.

1. ClickMeeting: a simple solution

Interpreter interpreting from a remote computer

ClickMeeting is an excellent tool for creating remote meetings or webinars via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

It is an application that will allow us not only to organize our webinar, but also to record it, broadcast it on our social networks, and track our statistics and ratings.

The possibilities seem endless with ClickMeeting. Also, our participants will not have to download any software, as they can access the meeting directly through the browser of their computer or smartphone.

2. ClickMeeting plans and prices

Like almost all applications of this type, ClickMeeting offers a free trial version. Unlike other applications, we can enjoy this trial for 30 consecutive days without having to enter our bank details. Simply by registering we will be allowed to access the program, although not to a full feature version.

Let's see the plans and prices:

The first thing to bear in mind, both for individuals and for companies or translation agencies, is that we can purchase our plan with a monthly billing period or with an annual billing period.

The advantage of the second option is that we will be given a 20% discount and the product will be cheaper.


ClickMeeting plans and prices in English

We must also take into account the number of participants who will normally attend our conferences, since the larger the audience, the higher the price to pay for the service.

As we can see below, in the case of having an average audience of 25 participants, the monthly price we will have to pay is from 26.00 € to 39.00 €.


Prices of ClickMeeting plans depending on the audience


3. What can I do with ClickMeeting

  Knowing already the different options that are presented to us at the moment of contracting this service, let's see now the particularities of each plan. Besides the free version, ClickMeeting has 3 plans, the Live, the Automated and the Enterprise.

It should be noted that the free version does not offer all the advantages that the paid versions would, since, for example, we will not have the possibility of recording our meetings.

Apart from that, we can only organize 15-minute events, since the free trial is designed to familiarize you with the program and not to work with it.

All plans allow for screen sharing and the use of an interactive whiteboard, as well as, creating forms with questions and answers, taking surveys, etc.

For more advanced features, such as automating regular webinars, sending participants an automatic thank you email or an email with invitations to upcoming events, or the ability to create attendance certificates, for example, we will need to purchase a more advanced plan.

4. Interpreting with ClickMeeting

Headsets for interpretation

It should be noted that, as complete as the application is and as much as it allows us to make use of very interesting functions, ClickMeeting does not have an interface for carrying out multilingual events through remote simultaneous interpretation.

The big question then is what do I do if I want to work with this program but need one or more interpreters? The answer: Discord.

Discord is a program that, at first, is designed for the video game community, since it allows communication through audio and/or video and thus facilitates communication when playing cooperative games.

Discord can cover many other events, whether they are meetings, conferences or even training courses.

On our latest remote simultaneous interpretation project our client Arno Stern told us that he would like to work with ClickMeeting to organize his four-week training course on "The Painting Game" and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work with Discord.

The training course was given in French, but the participants were not only French, but also Italians, so it was necessary to interpret from French into Italian.

How could this interpretation be made through our translation agency? We provided the Italian participants with a link to a Discord server that we created and in which the interpreters were also present.

We then asked the participants to mute their microphone and to mute the ClickMeeting tab in their browser so that they could only hear the Italian interpreter while following Mr. Arno Stern's presentation, without sound, through ClickMeeting.

The project was a success and both participants and organizers were fully satisfied with the outcome. As soon as they became familiar with the program, the interpreters also enjoyed Arno Stern's training course, which they highly recommend to all lovers of education and painting.

Hopefully in the future ClickMeeting will incorporate a dedicated interpreting channel that improves the user and interpreter experience.

However, today there is such a diversity of technological solutions for remote simultaneous interpretation that ClickMeeting users do not need to change their platform to offer their webinars in other languages.

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