Medical translation: how to find your agency in Madrid

Published on 04/08/2020

Medical translation requires very specific skills and knowledge. Not all translation agencies have these skills or the ability to offer you a quality medical translation service. Discover in this article the criteria and method for finding your medical translation agency in Madrid.

Define your medical translation needs

Define your medical translation needs

There are a multitude of different medical documents that refer to different medical sectors. This also implies different types of translations and professional translators with different skills and areas of expertise.

The translation of an electrocardiograph's manual is very different from the translation of a medical record, for example. The manual will deal with specific terminology, both in terms of technical (electronic) and medical aspects, as well as the specificities of medical records in general.

The first criterion for choosing your medical translation agency in Madrid is to select one that has translators specifically qualified to translate the documentation in question in the corresponding field of activity (general medicine, oncology, gynaecology, dermatology, etc.).

Medical translation agency: be demanding from the start

Medical translation agency: be demanding from the start

Be demanding from the first minute when choosing the medical translation agency in Madrid you want to work with. That also implies good communication on your part. When you have pre-selected one or more medical translation agencies in Madrid, contact them to explain in detail the characteristics of your project, your needs, your deadlines, etc.

This way, your teams will have all the information they need to create a service proposal that meets your needs, expectations and budget. If you have pre-selected several medical translation agencies in Madrid, the time has come to compare the proposals and select the one that best suits your needs.

If you initially only selected an agency but see that it does not meet your criteria, continue the search. Your translations are too important to ignore even the smallest of your needs.

Translation of medical documents: secure the means

Translation of medical documents: secure the means

The qualities of a good medical translation agency in Madrid should be the following:

  • Responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Strict selection of experienced and specialized medical translators
  • Service budgets that can be adapted to your needs.
  • Compliance with your deadlines and confidentiality.
  • Precise quality control processes.
  • Prices are in line with market prices.

Beware of translation agencies that promise delivery in a very short time at very low rates. Medical translation is a project that requires preparation and extensive experience, which takes time and requires a minimum budget.

If a translation agency can adapt its budget to yours, it cannot go beyond a certain limit without sacrificing the quality of its services.

Quality control in medical translation

Quality control in medical translation

Medical translation is one of the fields in which a high quality of service is essential. To this end, medical translation agencies offering quality services guarantee these services by obtaining certifications. This is an excellent way to ensure that your translation will be carried out correctly and reviewed according to strict criteria.

AbroadLink Translations has three certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 13485. The last standard specifically concerns medical devices (also called medical devices because of their literal translation from English). The other two standards concern the quality of our services (ISO 9001) and more specifically our translation services (ISO 17100). Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote on your medical translation projects in Madrid.

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