Scientists are not linguists, better a translation agency

Published on 13/11/2023

All companies need to share content, either with their partners or with potential customers, especially if it is relevant scientific work or studies. In these cases, correct formatting, grammar and spelling, as well as mastery of the language in which the information is shared, is crucial. It is not a good idea to use machine translations, as they are riddled with errors of both translation and expression.

In this sense, using a translation agency is the most sensible thing to do, as they specialise in reproducing, as accurately and correctly as possible, the contents in various languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Translation companies have qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of each language, so, when translating texts, the information remains unaltered and is presented in its best form.

Reasons for using professional translators

While most scientists are fluent in at least two languages because of their research work, this does not qualify them to write or translate a text well. Translation agencies, on the other hand, have staff who are specifically trained for this type of content. Each agency has a number of professionals specialising in one or more areas: Legal, Financial, Economic, Technical, Scientific, etc.

In addition, there are many other advantages or added benefits of using a translation company, such as: Affordable prices, quality of the results, speed and specialisation, to name the most important. All these advantages are combined with the professionalism offered by these companies. A poorly translated scientific text loses not only the information it was intended to provide, but also its credibility. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of professional translators:

Excellent value for money

Translation agencies have a team of specialised translators to guarantee the quality of their work. Furthermore, their prices are usually quite competitive, not only because there are many agencies in the sector and they have to maintain quality and price standards, but also because, being exclusively dedicated to translation, they can handle tighter budgets.

Highest quality texts

The image and credibility of a company lies in its content, so if a certain company uploads a poorly translated text to its website, this will detract from its prestige and reliability in the eyes of its customers. Translation agencies are the best guarantee of quality, since translations from one language to another (from Spanish to English and vice versa, from German to Portuguese, or from Italian to any of the above languages) are carried out by professionals.

Specialisation for the same price

Not only do translation companies offer guaranteed quality and value for money, but also specialised translations. If a company needs a technical, legal, financial or scientific translation, these companies have the specialised professional translators to carry out the task. To provide a good translation, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the subject you are translating.

Speed and simplicity in the process

Another of the added advantages of hiring a translation agency is the speed and simplicity of the process. All you have to do is request their services, send the text to be translated and receive the work already done, corrected and checked by the agency's professionals. The person who hires their services does not have to spend time and effort to verify the quality of the work, as this quality is already assured by the agency itself.

As can be seen, when faced with a text to be translated, especially if it is of a scientific nature, it is best to turn to professional translators, otherwise it is possible to make many grammatical and expressive errors that will detract from the quality and credibility of the text. A poorly translated text can mean the collapse of the reputation of a scientific study, hence the importance of a good translation.

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