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Published on 30/06/2020

In the summer of 2019, Liana Technologies conducted a survey of journalists worldwide on the importance of press releases in their work. Of the 892 journalists interviewed, 35% had used a press release in the last 24 hours to write an article and 28% in the last 7 days.

These figures, which are on the rise compared to his previous study, indicate that the press release has a bright future globally. That is why it is important to carry out a quality translation. 

1. Peculiarities of the press release

The purpose of a company's press release is to attract the interest of journalists so that they use its content to convey information and news about the company in the media. According to the above-mentioned survey by Liana Technologies, most journalists rely on the following criteria when reading and using a press release

  • A current news
  • A clear and understandable text
  • An interesting title
  • A news item related to the sector corresponding to the journalist
  • A press release that is attractive at first sight.

The professional translation of press releases must respect these criteria.

2. The importance of location

Localization involves adapting a press release to the country or region of destination. This process ranges from the adaptation of cultural elements or local interests, to the choice of colours, images, dates, times, etc. used in the press release.

The importance of location

Localization is very important in the translation of the press release, as we want the media in the target country to use it. The professional translator will have to take the localization into account when translating. 

On the other hand, we must pay special attention when writing the press release , avoiding the use of references or expressions that are particularly typical of the source language, as they may have no equivalent in the target language (jokes, local cultural references, etc.).

3. The importance of delivery time

The importance of delivery time

For the press and for the field of communication in general, time is a key factor. The translation of a press release is often urgent as the release must remain current and continue to attract interest among journalists once it is published in the target country.

The professional translator who translates the press release must be highly reactive and adaptable in terms of deadlines, which will often be short.

4. What's better? A freelance translator or a translation agency?

For reasons of adaptation and consistency, we recommend that you first choose a professional translator or translation agency with whom you can establish a long-term working relationship. Knowing your company in depth will allow us to offer you quality work time and time again.

Professional translation agencies are the best equipped to translate press releases, especially when it comes to regular publications and short translation deadlines. 

They are better able to adapt to urgent projects, as they can call on several competent professional translators if necessary and adapt their rates according to the client's specific needs.

What's better? A freelance translator or a translation agency?

The professional translation of a press release requires working fast and well. In other words, the translator or agency you choose must demonstrate rigour, precision and a great capacity for reaction and flexibility with which to respond correctly to your needs and the needs of the target audience: journalists.

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