What texts are usually translated?

Published on 16/05/2022

Have you ever wondered how internet content is generated in order to reach the as many people as possible? In our globalised world, language learning has become a must for many professionals. But what happens when we are looking for certain information on the web and we don't speak the language it appears in? That’s when translation services become an indispensable element.

Over the last few years, AbroadLink has noticed a growing demand for translation services focused exclusively on the digital market: from the digital media to online shops or any user trying to increase the number of web visits from anywhere in the world. However, these is much more to take into account. There are a number of situations which translators have to deal with on a daily basis. In this article we will tell you about the most common text types that translators are usually confornted with.

1. What are the most common translations?

  • Technical translations are one of the most common types of translations. This type of translation and its technical nature are normally used for training purposes. Theses texts tend to be user manuals or similar documents that are characterised by a particularly long shelf life.
  • Scientific translations are also very common. Those are used in laboratories or other specialised study centres. The target audience is highly specialised and, therefore, the translator must also have a very specialised profile. This is why our translator team counts with many highly specialised professionals.
  • Sworn translations are the ones, that require the services of an official translator, who is normally sworn named by a governmental body and is also called “sworn translator”.
  • Over the demand for audiovisual translations has also grown exponentially. This translation type is always related with screens and the translator must therefore not only focus on the text itself, but also on the images.

2. The rise of online content

In addition to all of the above, and as we have already stated in the introduction, we cannot forget the impact that online content has had over the last years. Nowadays, all online shops have multiple shipping options that have reduced costs for any type of international business. This is why more and more translations originating from and intended for the digital world have been growing in recent years.

Usually those translations are focused on online shops. But blogs and more general content always offer added value to the products we sell.

3. The importance of using a specialised translation company

As we have seen, AbroadLink deals with all types of translation. This is just a small sample of the many options we offer.

Specialisation and experience are two of the main elements that will distinguish our quality translation services from others. This is why we translate into more than 50 languages in 85 different fields of expertise. Only professional translators with experience and expertise. Our ability to adapt to the translation process and our translation technology makes it easy to meet all your needs and offer short delivery times, highest quality and best price.

Contact us now and find out what we can do for your business. We offer all types of translation in order to meet your personal needs. Our translator team is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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