The profile of the ideal legal translator

Published on 23/02/2021

A legal translator occupies a position that requires a lot of rigour and a good knowledge of the legal system. According to an article published by Guadalupe Soriana Cultural, textual and linguistic aspects of legal translation::

A model of text analysis for training legal translators, the demand for legal translators continues to grow, which shows that the rare pearl is not so easily found.

The ideal training of the legal translator

Of course, the legal knowledge of the ideal legal translator they must be completed with a recognized translation training course.

The typical resume to become a legal translator is as follows:

Solid legal training is necessary for legal translation

Solid legal training is necessary for legal translation

The language of law is very specialized, and that in all languages. It covers a large number of terms typical of the legal texts used in the legislative branch and in all official bodies (government bodies, town halls, embassies, civil registries, courts, etc.).

Legal translators should be familiar with this terminology both in the source language and the target language. These specialized translators are expected to be able to adapt or, depending on the term used, localize contextual legal information, that is, to ensure the correct choice of equivalents in the target language.

These translators should know, where appropriate, where to look for the appropriate formulas in specialized dictionaries and glossaries.

Specificities of legal translation

Specificities of legal translation

To be able to work in a legal translation agency, you don't need to be a sworn translator.

To be sworn translator, in Spain it is enough to take an exam; therefore, translators and interpreters have a better chance of passing these exams.

As stated in a article published by the AbroadLink Translation Agency, translations made by sworn translators are officially certified as faithful to the originals by affixing their stamps and signatures.

Stress resistance: a good quality of the legal translator and interpreter

Stress resistance

Undoubtedly, sworn translators are thus recognized for their experience, which allows them to receive official commissions from translation or interpretation in court.

Although they are not directly involved in cases, unlike judges, lawyers or police, they have a great responsibility in the accuracy of translations, on which the judicial system will be based to judge people.

Thus, the ideal sworn translator must be able to translate with composure and precision in difficult conditions, such as in police custody, hearings, and trials.

If you need to find a good legal translator quickly and easily, turn to a recognized legal translation agency and save you a lot of trouble. These agencies carefully select their translators, who broadly correspond to the ideal profile I have mentioned.

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