We have Strategically Partnered with Kilgray, memoQ Developer

Published on 15/10/2015

Last July we joined forces with Kilgray, the company who developed the computer aided translation software memoQ. We are now part of Kilgray's Growing Together programme.

MemoQ is increasing its market share compared to programs such as SDL Trados Studio, Transit or Déjà Vu

The collaboration contract was signed thanks to our company's growth strategy. Kilgray was founded in 2007, but it has established itself as one of the computer aided translation software companies which has most rapidly increased its market share at the expense of companies such as the English SDL, the German STAR Group or the Spanish Atril, creator of the software Déjà Vu, twho have been developing their projects for more than two decades.

A study carried out by our company confirms the market data

The study, carried out by our Sales and Marketing Director, Josh Gambín, and published by the journal Multilingual, one of the most important journals in the translation sector on an international level, confirmed other sector information regarding Kilgray's growth. In the study “Evolution of cloud-based translation memory”, the results of a survey carried out amongst 1300 freelance translators regarding the use of on line translation database technology were published. In the words of our Sales and Marketing Director: "Our partnership with Kilgray will bring us new business opportunities based on the expansion of their technology in addition to increasing the productive capacity of our company thanks to the incorporation of their technology. Kilgray has been successful in pinpointing the keys of its development strategy in order to be rapidly accepted in the sector".


MemoQ Budapest

We benefit from extra licenses, temporal licenses and discounts for our providers

Through the Growing Together programme, Kilgray will offer our company extra licensestemporal licenses and provider discounts. Likewise, we will be able to participate in beta programmes and on line development seminars regarding future changes.

Besides which, we have pledged to Kilgray to use their software in an increasing number of projects. In fact, we use Kilgray's on line platform for all of our projects involving the participation of several translators. In these projects, it is important to share information in real time in order to achieve maximum consistency and save costs.

We met with Peter Reynolds, CEO of Kilgray, in Budapest

We were in Budapest during the memoQfest, a yearly gathering developed by Kilgray and joining its most important clients. By meeting the team in person we were able to understand the key to their business success. They are young with great creativity and led by a real veteran in the sector: Peter Reynolds. It is the second time that our company enters into a strategic collaboration programme with Peter Reynolds! In 2007, our company joined the Idiom, Inc. programme, where Peter worked. This programme is still in force but now under the control of SDL who purchased Idiom.

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Josh Gambin

Josh Gambin holds a 5-year degree in Biology from the University of Valencia (Spain) and a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain). He has worked as a freelance translator, in-house translator, desktop publisher and project manager. From 2002, he is a founding member of AbroadLlink and currently works as Marketing and Sales Manager.

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