We're moving to the ATENEA building!

Published on 07/07/2016

Since February 2016, the new physical and fiscal address of AbroadLink is the ATENEA building, C/Periodista Fernando Gómez de la Cruz, 17, Office 1.2. We encourage all of our clients to come and visit us and to get to know our new office.

The new physical company address is also the new fiscal address, so all of our invoices and those of our suppliers should use this address from now on.

The ATENEA building was completed in 2008, when the crisis started to destroy the Spanish economy with more force. This situation has created an investment opportunity for AbroadLink. The purchase of the office was made through Servihabitat with an investment of around 50% less than the market prices were when it was originally put on the market.

ATENEA building: a strategy for the future

The purchase of the ATENEA office is an important strategic move and a value investment for the future. Our new office represents a significant improvement for the comfort of our team at work, and not just for the novelty in itself, but due to the open space and glass front. This keeps us visually connected in the office and also enables us to enjoy the great light that the glass front brings, not to mention those who have the privilege of seeing the Sierra Nevada from their desk.

Another element of great importance for AbroadLink is the ability to create value as the housing market is regularised, and we hope that the value of our assets will grow by around 30% in the next five years.

As a final element of strategic importance, we now have greater capacity to project an image of modernity, solvency and ability, an essential element in our commitment towards internationalisation and in order to gain the loyalty of our clients outside of Spain, offering more guarantees with regards to the company's path and position in the market.

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