What is an Infoport system for language interpretation?

Published on 19/07/2022

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  1. Introduction
  2. Inforport system: advantages
  3. Infoport system: disadvantages
  4. Conclusion

1. Introduction

If you are planning events for which you need interpreting services (oral translation) and you do not yet know what an Infoportis, it is time to discover all the interpretation possibilities. Don't get left behind, at AbroadLink we explain you everything you need to know.

If interpreting events are a common kind of event in your company, you have probably already worked with interpreting booths, consoles or, these days, even with remote interpreting. Well, the Infoport system is also a very useful interpretation tool, even for outdoor events.

Can you imagine where this is going? No? Let's look into it.

2. Infoport system

Infoport system


When we talk about Infoport systems, we are talking about a wireless audio system that works with radio frequency, like the one used in guided tours.  In fact, this system was originally designed precisely for tour guides and museum audio guides.

It basically consists of a microphone and several receivers or headphones. That way, the guide can speak into the microphone and visitors can listen to what he or she is saying through the receivers or headphones. It is therefore a lightweight and very easy to use system.

But what does the Infoport system have to do with interpreting (oral translation)? This solution is also suitable for interpreting events for small groups, both indoors and outdoors (factory and production site visits, trade fairs, business meetings, etc.).

The idea is to have an activated channel so that participants can listen to the interpretation. Once the channel is enabled, there is nothing else to do. The interpreter will be listening to the original speaker and will translate everything the speaker says into another language at the same time.

In short, we are talking about the ideal solution for your outdoor events.

3. Inforport system: advantages

Inforport system: advantages

Now that you know what an Infoport system is, let's take a look at the advantages this solution offers:

  • Efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Lightweight and easy to transport system
  • High sound quality
  • Possibility to synchronize with other system cases

This is an effective and cost-effective solution, as you don’t need to purchase interpreting booth and everything that goes with it. In addition, this portable system is light and easy to transport as all the equipment fits into a small case.

The sound quality of Infoport systems even makes outdoor interpretations possible, as it suppresses most background noise.

Although the Infoport system is intended for a maximum of 20 participants, as the case includes only one microphone and 20 receivers, it is possible to synchronise several cases to increase the number of participants, which turns this drawback into an advantage.

4. Infoport system: disadvantages

Infoport system: disadvantages

  • Possible interference problems
  • Possibility to work with only one language per system
  • Scope limitation
  • Limited battery life

Since it is a wireless system, there may be some interference problemsat some point, but the same happens with any other technical equipment.

Also, the Infoport system is only synchronised with one microphone, so you will not be able to interpret into more than one language.

Other drawbacks to using this system are the scope limitations (about 100 m outdoors and about 50 m indoors) and the battery life which, unfortunately, is not infinite.

5. Conclusion


After having compiled all this information, we can conclude that the Infoport system is an ideal solution for events that require a certain degree of mobility (visits to factories, production sites, etc.). However, for larger events it is still better to use the traditional interpreting booth.

Regardless of the nature of your event, at AbroadLink we always recommend carrying out a preliminary study to analyse the possibilities of carrying out an event with this type of system. So don't hesitate to contact us in order to discuss which interpretation system is best suited for your event. We are waiting for you!

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