What should I do when I need an urgent translation?

Published on 22/12/2020

Are they asking for a translated medical certificate from an employee before they leave on a trip or do they want to see the translation of their CV as soon as possible? Start by taking a deep breath: approach the problem with a positive attitude.

This is one of the proven stress management techniques.

The application of methods according to your needs will allow you to obtain your translation quickly while still meeting the established quality criteria.

1. What are the instructions to follow to get your translation?

What are the instructions to follow to get your translation?

Whoever asked you for the translation in question told you that it was urgent, but may also have given you other instructions that you should take into account. You will have to take them into account even if they are implicit.

In addition, you will need to know which country or region the translation is intendedfor, because for the same language there can be considerable variations in the words and the presentation of the document.

The British and Americans, for example, follow the same rules when it comes to submitting documents such as CVs.

2. What is the nature of your urgent translation?

What is the nature of your urgent translation

By asking yourself this simple question, you are already solving many technical issues.

In today's world, it is necessary to have quality translations of various documents available quickly.

But not all of them have the same requirements, so you must first distinguish the level of importance of the document. Some of the documents considered important include:

  • Documents with legal value (marital status documents, contracts, notarial deeds, tax documents, etc.)
  • Medical Documents
  • Academic and professional transcripts (resumes, diplomas, etc.)

Therefore, it is essential to know which professionals the translation is aimed at.

3. Translation agencies: the best option

Translation agencies the best option

To translate these documents, depending on the instructions you already have, going through a qualified translation agency may be the best solution.

Most translation agencies are able to provide you with urgent and specialized translations. This way you can get translations the same day you order them and sometimes even within a few hours.

Translation agencies have the possibility of dividing the documents to be translated among several translators.

In addition, more sophisticated translation companies can coordinate this work through platforms that improve translator communication.

In any case, have the contact details of a good translation agency at hand so that you can deal with urgent translations and not die trying.

This way, you will be able to deal with any situation and will no longer be surprised at the last minute by translation requests that you can't handle yourself.

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