Why should you use a translation agency for your instructions for use?

Published on 07/11/2022

Nowadays, it is almost a requirement for any business or company aiming for international outreach that brand-related content is perfectly translated into different languages.

It is not enough to translate advertising texts into strategic languages like English or Portuguese; it is necessary to cover all content that will clarify or help your clients or consumers. Translating your IFUs has a number of advantages that you need to know.

1. Importance of translating your IFUs

In the translation business, technical and commercial translation aims to speed up or improve the logistics of a product. If your brand's products require the use of instructions that maximise their use, then they must be perfectly translated into the languages of the target audiences.

When you translate the instructions for use of your products, you ensure not only that the market in which your business or company operates is served, but also that the needs of a wider public are met, paving the way for expansion.

2. Double satisfaction

The level of competition demands to stand out in all aspects, although giving the consumer the product they need is the first step, standing out requires going further and showing them how to use it as well correctly.

The translation of product instructions avoids errors in handling and use, and customers from a country or language other than their own will appreciate the brands that provide instructions in their native language.

3. Enhance your reputation

In addition to extending the reach of your products, translating your instructions into English or other languages facilitates user or consumer satisfaction, thereby improving your reputation and increasing your chances of conquering new markets.

Satisfied customers with a complete experience in which every risk or doubt is eliminated, makes the difference compared to the competition and generates loyalty.

4. Advantages of hiring a translation company

The availability of translators specialised in different sectors is the difference between hiring a translation agency and using basic tools such as machine translations.

You will have at your disposal native professionals who master not only the source and target culture, but also the field-specific terminology, guaranteeing precision and coherence, an elementary aspect in the translation of instructions for use.

5. Centralised and convenient management

Choosing a translation company simplifies the management and organisation of translated content, giving you direct access to your projects in real time. The reliability is a plus, you receive the translation in record time, whether it is from Spanish to English or any other language.

In addition to qualified professionals, the translation companies offer the efficiency of AI algorithms that simplify and speed up processes, making the service up to 70% faster than traditional translation systems.

6. Direct contact

You will have direct contact through project managers, who will connect you with the translation agency, which guarantees personalised attention tailored to your individual needs.

Far from being just another customer or just another number, you have a team ready to answer questions or to help you in the event of a setback. Even with more complex language combinations like German or Portuguese, we guarantee perfection.

7. Hiring a specialised translation company is the ultimate solution

Although robots are a huge advantage when it comes to translating content, the quality cannot be compared to human talent. Hiring a specialised translation agency to translate your instructions for use allows you to build empathy with your clients.

Contextualisation errors are no longer a problem, while doubts and questions are resolved. An easy-to-read instruction manual guarantees consumer satisfaction.

All products benefit from the translation of IFUs, study the requirements of your market, set your goals and leave the rest in specialised hands.

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