Why translate your software with a company?

Published on 07/04/2020

Nowadays, whatever type of specialist translation you need, you can choose between a freelance translator and a translation agency.

The choice will largely depend on the project and your needs. For certain projects, a highly qualified, specialized, freelance translator may be the best solution.

However, in other cases it is better to choose a translation agency. This is the case with the translation of computer programs. Here's why.

1. Accompaniment and flexibility

1.1. Limitations and technical language

Limitations and technical language

Translating software requires us to respect numerous technical constraints(lines of code, limited number of words or characters, deadlines, etc.). In addition, such a translation is likely to require specialized and technical language. However, the skills required can vary greatly from one software program to another.

The advantage of translation companies is that they have a team of specialized and highly qualified translators whose experience and skills have been verified. You may use a translator who is suited to the type of computer system in question and its restrictions.

1.2. Variety in terms of target audience

Variety in terms of target audience

Not all software translations are aimed at the same audience. It all depends on the type of user who will be using the translated software. The solutions to be adopted can be very diverse, depending on whether it is aimed at the general public or specialized engineers, or whether it is a video game or software for professionals.

1.3. Considerable time savings

Considerable time savings

Due to the above-mentioned limitations, finding a freelance translator whose skills are perfectly suited to the translation requirements of your system can be an arduous and time-consuming task. An agency, on the other hand, can:

  • Quickly find a suitable translator.
  • Organise, if necessary, a team of several translators whose skills complement each other or who can finish the project in time.
  • Facilitate fluid communication between translators and with the client throughout the project through various management and communication tools.
  • Use translators whose work has been positively assessed by the client for future projects.

Mainly for infrastructure reasons, a translation company will always have greater flexibility and be able to manage large translation projects.

On the other hand, the freelance translator works alone, so he has less flexibility, even if he has the possibility of associating with other freelance translators.

2. Collaboration and budget

Collaboration and budget

Entrusting the translation of your computer system to a translation agency creates a real working partnership from the beginning to the end of the project. An agency will have the possibility to carry out a thorough follow-up of all the stages of the translation project, from the choice of the translators to the final corrections.

Emphasizing again flexibility, it also has implications for the budget. Depending on your needs and your budget, an agency will have more possibilities to adapt and propose a personalized budget.

Software translation is one of the most demanding types of professional translations. A translation company is more responsive than a freelance translator, both technically and financially.

Technical area

However, the translation of software requires precisely a great deal of flexibility and the possibility of respecting many constraints without compromising the quality of the final translation. For all these reasons, a translation agency will always be more suitable for the translation of a computer program.

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