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Published on 25/08/2020

OnTheGoSystems, the company that owns the market-leading plug-in for managing multilingual websites in WordPress, WPML, is now a strategic partner of AbroadLink Translations. WPML is currently the most sophisticated and developed plug-in in the market far away from its competitors. For this reason, AbroadLink Translations has chosen this technology to offer to its clients translations of webs created in WordPress. Furthermore, the translation company will be offering WPML for free to its new clients translating their websites with AbroadLink.

Professional translation with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 through WPML

Professional translation with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 through WPML

The partnership between OnTheGoSystems, creator of the plug-in WPML, and AbroadLink Translations allows the integration of the translation process of more than 70 languages in WordPress through WPML with the translation management platform of AbroadLink Translations. This integration between the two companies offers users of the WordPress plug-in WPML simple and automated access through a proven process to the translation language services of AbroadLink Translations. WPML customers can thus benefit from this integration and use professional translation services certified with standards for quality management systems, ISO 9001, for translation services, ISO 17100, and for medical devices, ISO 13485.

Amir Helzer, CEO and founder of OnTheGoSystems, said: "The biggest advantage of using WordPress is its simplicity. The integration between WPML and AbroadLink Translations helps companies to achieve the translation of their websites in a simple way. We are pleased with the partnership with AbroadLink Translations and look forward to helping many companies achieve their internationalization and translation goals.”

WPML: state-of-the-art technology solution for your translations

WPML: state-of-the-art technology solution for your translations

On the other hand, AbroadLink Translations can offer a state-of-the-art technological solution that integrates its technical translation, legal translation or medical/medical devices translation services, with WPML's state-of-the-art translation management in WordPress. With the solution provided by WordPress, WPML and AbroadLink Translations any company, whether it is a small or medium sized enterprise or a multinational company, can easily exploit the opportunities that globalization through the Internet represents. Whether it's a dental deposit that needs specialized dental translation or a medical device manufacturer that demands medical translation, companies and their marketing departments can use a solution that is as simple as effective for their web-based product internationalization and translation needs.

With AbroadLink Translations, WPML for WordPress is free

With AbroadLink Translations, WPML for WordPress is free

At AbroadLink Translations, we know that, in most real-world cases, the best way to manage and translate your multilingual websites created in WordPress is through WPML. We know! WPML not only saves management time for your users, but also for us as a translation company. The integration of our platforms, WPML technical support, and a proven translation process allows us to reimburse you for the cost of WPML on your first translation project with us.

IMPORTANT: in order to take advantage of our promotion buy the application through this link. We will deduct the amount in the first translation project with us.

Translating in Word with cut-paste versus WPML

For those whose translation process is cut-and-paste in Word, translate, then cut-and-paste again in WordPress, discovering the integration of AbroadLink's translation services with WPML will be a pleasant surprise that will save you time and errors in managing your multilingual websites. The cost of WPML, which will be free if you buy them through our website and translate with us, will be insignificant compared to the time you will save in the medium term compared to the cut-and-paste old-fashioned method. The integration with our service, its translation management interface or the management of formats such as bold or external or internal links, are some of the advantages that new users of WPML will be able to enjoy.

How to use WPML and the translation services of AbroadLink Translations

The integration of the WPML and AbroadLink Translations platforms is very simple and fast. Basically, what you will have to do is install WPML in WordPress and use an API code that will integrate your WordPress installation with our translation management platform. You can see all the details at this link: how to translate in WordPress as WPML and AbroadLink Translations. In any case, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ask us to send you our free e-book in PDF format.

Technical support for translation with WPML and WordPress

One of the great advantages offered by OnTheGoSystem, the creator of WPML, to AbroadLink translation clients is the technical support provided by OnTheGoSystem to resolve the doubts of IT departments that are on their way to mastering the use of WPML and WordPress, or in the case of sophisticated WordPress installations that require in-depth technical knowledge of both WPML and WordPress. AbroadLink Translations thus offers its clients first-class technical support to ensure the publication of your website translation quickly and efficiently.

Why WordPress?

If you're reading this communication it's probably because you're using WordPress or considering using it, but don't be surprised, WordPress is by far the most used CMS in the world, at least according to the W3Techs.com 2020 studies, according to which, over 37.8% of all websites in the world were created with WordPress. Of those websites that were created using a CMS, 63.5% were created using WordPress. Offering professional translation services integrated with WordPress through WPML was a must for our clients. You can see more information about CMS in this blog about the most widely used CMS.

About OnTheGoSystems

OnTheGoSystems is a teleworking company that employs over 90 teleworkers working on some of the most popular WordPress plug-ins such as WPML or Toolset. Its employees work from over 77 cities in 41 countries.

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