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Language Technology
Yesterday, changing the dial of the radio fleeing from advertising, I arrived at BBC Radio 2 where they argued that we live in a world of constant and rapid change, where nothing remains stable and where things arrive and then leave. This reflection was made in relation to music, but is directly transferable to many professional areas. I am sure that if you think about your own profession and...
AbroadLink News
Our quality system based on ISO 9001 was five years old last November, so it was a good time to continue moving towards a deeper quality management and audit of our processes. Since the end of last year, our quality manual contains the procedures that have enabled us to successfully overcome the audits of the ISO 13485 and ISO 17100 certifications. [TOC] Why a Medical Device Quality Standard in a...
Business Abroad
An efficient SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, or what is also known as organic positioning, is composed of many elements. Website content is one of the most important elements. Quality content, content growth and the appropriate use of our keywords are indispensable to appear on Google’s first page. In this post, I will talk about some of the key elements to take into account, so that...
Business Management
What do these professionals have in common: quality, professionalism and reliability. The translation profession is vulnerable, and while it is true that university studies in translation offer a certain degree of quality, so does long-standing experience as a translator. The road is made by walking... [TOC] But, how can you select and separate the real professionals from the opportunists? No,...
When tackling an international SEO positioning project, it is important to have clearly defined ideas that may vary with regards to what can be done in a strategy on local or national search engines. And in this case, the objective is not to position your website on your national search engin e, but rather on one where searches may be in a different language, the competition is different, etc. [...
Portraits of translators
MÍriam has been working with AbroadLink for many years. This professional combines her love of languages with continuous improvement. This makes her the perfect role model for many young translators. But, let's stop talking about her and hear what she actually has to say!
Did you know...?
The extraordinary human capacity for invention in the field of communication never ceases to amaze us. In times marked by the revolution of communication between individuals, extremely unique forms of communication still exist, such as, for example, the whistled language of the island of La Gomera, on the Canary Islands, which we wrote about recently. While there are many more examples of long-...
Cultural Differences
If you’re an international negotiator, you will probably have already been faced with an uncomfortable situation during a professional meeting. Whether you are young or you already have twenty years of experience in business, you have probably already been baffled by the cultural idiosyncrasies of some of your business associates... And that is completely normal! Cultural codes are sometimes...
Did you know...?
In the 1980s, in the province of Hunan, in China, a writing system was discovered that was used exclusively among women. Today, investigators are trying to discover the history of this alphabet: Was it as secret language? A way to defy men? An obligation or a door to freedom?
When you need to carry out administrative procedures at official organisations or institutions or submit documentation at an administration or at the court, you may often feel confused when faced with specific translation terminology. Today we will examine three types of translation whose characteristics are often confused. What is the difference between sworn, official and certified translation...