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Business Abroad
If you are a professional, business owner or entrepreneur and you are looking for opportunities abroad, you may have already considered learning one or several languages. This will give you an edge when dealing with customers and suppliers and is one of the keys to success. However, before you start, you must ask yourself the following question: Which are the most useful languages when breaking...
Many multinational companies, along with those that have an international strategy, include Portuguese as the language to be employed to access the markets of Portugal and Brazil. Both countries have significant linguistic and cultural differences, which have ultimately led to a reform of written Portuguese. Far from simplifying the task of translators, this attempt to standardise the language...
Language Technology
In the majority of cases, websites are managed by Content Management Systems (CMS). There are Content Management Systems, such as Magento , which offer the distinctive feature of exporting text for translation along with part of the HTML code. [TOC] One of the technical challenges associated with translating a website is the management of HTML codes. Generally, websites can be designed and...
Language Technology
Advances made in artificial intelligence and their application to the field of machine translation never cease to amaze us. Although we tend to dwell on the errors produced by machine translation, the truth is that the results obtained are getting better and better over time. Initially, the software used simply substituted one word for another, without taking the context into account. This system...
Did you know...?
Anyone who works with two or more languages dreams of being bilingual. In certain countries, this term means that a person can speak two languages, without taking into account their level of proficiency. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the term bilingual refers to a person who is able to use two languages equally well. However, it may often be considered that a bilingual person is someone...
Language Technology
Translation is an activity that lends itself easily to professional intrusion , after all anyone with a computer and knowledge of a second language can translate . However, there are people that have academic training in translation and earn a living by translating, dedicating themselves completely to this activity. It is no less true that there are people who, due to circumstances in their life...
DTP and Graphic Design
Years ago Sysfilter came into my life, and I can ensure you that it is one of the best investments we have made in the company. [TOC] It provides DTP operators with a tool that, I would say, is essential in the day-to-day operations of the translation industry and, of course, of multilingual layout (or DTP if you prefer). Extracting texts for translation For those of you who aren't familiar with...
Cultural Differences
If you go to Japan on business, it's important to bear in mind certain cultural differences and customs in order to avoid any embarrassing situations . Whether you deal with clients or providers, business relationships will be strengthened if your Japanese companions appreciate the effort you make to learn about their culture and respect their customs. Cultural observations made here are based on...
AbroadLink News
Since February 2016, the new physical and fiscal address of AbroadLink is the ATENEA building, C/Periodista Fernando Gómez de la Cruz, 17, Office 1.2. We encourage all of our clients to come and visit us and to get to know our new office. The new physical company address is also the new fiscal address, so all of our invoices and those of our suppliers should use this address from now on. The...
[TOC] Can I trust a translation that needs editing? When I first started out in the translation industry I remember how much mistrust it would generate in clients when I offered them the option of editing the translation. It's a common mistake among some businesses to assume that their clients know all about their product or service. Another mistake is giving them too much information when they'...