Dental translation

AbroadLink brings a wealth of experience into dental translation. During the last 5 years we have provided translations for many of the leading manufacturers such as Dentsply, 3M, Align Technologies, or WaterPik. We have translated from marketing materials to highly technical documents comprising websites, DFUs, brochures, catalogs, protocols, On-line Helps, software interfaces about many different products: autoclaves, chairs, cuspidors, mobile units, curing lights, irrigators, composites, impression materials, cements, rubber dams, burs, implants, bridges, crowns, amalgams, handpieces, matrixes, dry heat sterilizers, or ultrasonic scalers.

AbroadLink specializes in fulfilling the requirements of EU regulations for dental material and dental device manufacturing companies offering their products for sale in the EU. As our track record demonstrates we deliver documents to regulated industries on time and on budget. We work with companies manufacturing dental devices as they prepare for compliance in Europe for CE marking. Our translation of product labels and IFU's meet EU Directive 98/79/EC for in-vitro devices and directive 93/42/EEC for general medical devices.

AbroadLink has an experienced team of qualified professional translators, editors, and proofreaders with proficient language skills, excellent writing style, and above all else academic backgrounds in all key areas of the life sciences.

Our dental translation process meets the precise needs of dental material and dental device industries. Each stage is designed to deliver the highest quality possible. Click here to learn about our translation process.

The Advantages of choosing AbroadLink

Dental translation projects go through our specially designed translation process. Benefits include:

  • Precise consistent translations achieved by the creation of a specialized glossary of terminology.
  • Accurate translations provided by a team of experienced expert translators and the use of up-to-date CAT tools.
  • Quality Assurance guaranteed from our specially designed translation process.
  • Better value due to volume discounts and, most importantly, discounts applied for repetition/similarities in texts.
  • Timely Delivery Guarantee
  • Personalized access to our customer portal to ask for quotes, send files and view all the information related to your projects through a highly secured Internet protocol to protect your confidential information.

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