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Economic and financial translation:
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Without a doubt, one of the main characteristics of  economic-financial translation in the business world is its potential economic impact and the sensitivity of the information, and therefore confidentiality becomes a key element in this type of translation work.

In order to establish the recommended level of service for the translation of an economic, financial or accounting text, we basically evaluate the economic impact that the decisions based on the translated text could have or the public exposure that the text will ultimately have. In the case of these indicators being high, that is, a strong economic impact and a wide exposure, our minimum recommendation is the use of our Gold service, according to standard ISO-9001 and the translation services quality standard EN-15038, involving the translation and subsequent revision of the text. In this type of documents the revision becomes a vital process link, guaranteeing the quality control of the translation, which is a human activity subject to potential errors.

With AbroadLink you will enjoy advanced economic and financial translation management.

Economic and financial translations

Economic-financial translation requires native speakers with significant experience in the field. At AbroadLink Translations we have a great team of professional translators that we carefully select to carry out your projects according to their specialization. The management of your translations complies with our quality manual for the ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 standards.

There is a great typology of economic and financial documents.

  • Annual accounts
  • Financial reports
  • Rating reports
  • Outturn accounts
  • Financial balances
  • Accounting books
  • Invoices
  • Courses in financial training
  • Valuation of assets
  • Informative leaflets regarding banking products or stocks
  • Press releases with financial content
  • Financial articles
  • Text manuals
  • Translations always by native translators

    AbroadLink Translations has a team of professional translators, editors and proofreaders with experience in the health and medical sector. In some cases, we work with graduates in various technical areas who have been retrained as translators.

    "To achieve the most professional results at competitive prices, it is essential to make use of technology."

    The selection process of different translators and proofreaders working for AbroadLink complies with the demanding quality standard for translation services, ISO-17100.

    Advanced use of computer assisted translation tools (CAT)

    At AbroadLink, we offer our knowledge of the advanced use of computer assisted translation tools (CAT) in order to offer important discounts for all repeated or partially repeated elements. We use the latest technology for the real time collaboration of specialised teams of translators for high volume projects.

    Amongst the benefits found in the advanced use of CAT tools, is the possibility of  handling the most common formats in which we can find technical manuals.