Edition 1 - 2014

I welcome you to our first edition of our bimonthly newsletter. We are pleased to share with our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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AbroadLink translates a one million word website

Proclinic needed to translate a dental products website from Spanish to Italian. The total volume of the project was a little more than one million words with a high level of repetition and the translation was to be carried out in a maximum of two months.

Online collaboration work

Due to the project's volume and time frame, it was vital to put together a team of several translators who could take on the task and guarantee a timely delivery. Besides this, the translation team also had to be highly specialized in the dental field. The final team was made up of three translators and an editor whose profiles all met the specific requirements necessary for this project. However, the translators were located in Italy and the editor in France. In this situation, the use of memoQ server was the ideal solution. memoQ server is a technology solution through which a linguistic team can maintain the same database in real time, meaning that terminology work and any translations matching either totally or partially within the different parts of the project can be used efficiently by the whole team. memoQ server, the online collaboration platform used by AbroadLink, also offers a group chat as a communication channel, as well as project boards, increasing the coordination and communication possibilities amongst linguists.