Edition 1 - 2014

I welcome you to our first edition of our bimonthly newsletter. We are pleased to share with our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Certification: ISO-9001 quality standard

In December 2013, AbroadLink completed the certification process for the ISO-9001 quality standard for its translation and DTP services for companies. The consulting services of the Granada Chamber of Commerce were used while attaining the certification and TÜV Rheinland was the certification authority chosen due to its popularity in the international market and its high level of service. The certification process was aided by the implementation of the company's new management software, XTRF. This management software, which is specialized for translation companies, is highly flexible and customizable and includes several features to facilitate the registration of the indicators necessary to comply to the ISO-9001 quality standard in a more efficient manner. AbroadLink has a double objective with regard to this certification: from the perspective of the company's Marketing Department, its intention is to strengthen the company's image in order to offer potential clients a higher level of assurance and confidence; and from a production and management perspective, a management system has been established based on ISO-9001 which favors continuous improvement and a better control of productive and quality processes. As part of its services TÜV Rheinland also offers an online database for verifying the authenticity of its certifications directly from the certification authority website. Both current and potential clients of AbroadLink Translation Services for Companies can consult the company's certification information here. AbroadLink has also received the printed certificates which will be published on the website for greater transparency. As AbroadLink's Managing Director states, achieving ISO-9001 reflects the company's growth and places it, along with other changes introduced in 2013, in a privileged strategic position in order to achieve sustainable growth in the coming years.

AbroadLink joins CamerGroup

The Managing Director of AbroadLink Translation Services for Companies, José Gambín, and the Secretary-General of the Granada Chamber of Commerce, Jaime Parra Parra, signed a cooperation agreement on 15 March 2013 in order to facilitate as many specific partnerships as possible, in order to offer, amongst others, translation, interpreting and multilingual DTP services to the Chamber's member companies.
The Granada Chamber of Commerce selected AbroadLink's translation services, which will be offered to all of its current partners, as well as to those companies looking for translation, DTP or interpreting services that contact the Chamber. The Granada Chamber of Commerce undertakes to promote the translation services to its partners through CamerGroup, the Chamber's group of professional services (legal aid, courier services, translation...) and AbroadLink undertakes to offer preferential conditions to companies looking for translation, DTP or interpreting services through the Chamber. As a company specialized in translation services, AbroadLink undertakes to maintain the quality standards of the translation sector.