Edition 2, Mar-May 2014

We welcome you to the first edition of our bimonthly newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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More than 500 AutoCAD files translated from English to Russian

Our client needed to translate just over 500 AutoCAD files in two weeks. The biggest challenge of the project was to extract the text for translation in a format which translators could use with their usual translation tools.

Thanks to the experience gained in handling AutoCAD files, AbroadLink's DTP team converted the native AutoCAD format (.dwg) to an exchange format (.dxf) in order to work with the text extraction programme that we use internally. This way, text was sent to the translators who could use their usual software tools, allowing them to re-use repetitions within the text, which significantly helped in speeding up the translation process.

Once the translations were finalised, the Russian text was imported and the .dxf files were converted to the final delivery format (.dwg). The final client took care of the quality control by checking that text was correctly placed and sent back any files that needed extra DTP work to make sure that the longer Russian text fit within the original design.