Autumn Edition 2015

We welcome you to the autumn 2015 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Collaborative translation in real time from a web interface with memoQ

Kilgray's product for the management of collaborative projects including two or more translators enables translators to share translation databases in real time. AbroadLink has been working with the desktop system which enables translators to connect to AbroadLink' server for real time access to the database. With WebTrans, the brand name with which memoQ's web interface is known, translators and editors can connect via a web interface, without having to install memoQ on their computers.

Simplified management

AbroadLink currently uses the desktop version of memoQ's system in addition to SDL Studio, the leading system on the market, for projects that require the simultaneous participation of two or more translators and/or editors. Thanks to WebTrans, AbroadLink will be able to simplify the management of the temporary licences provided to external providers. It will also limit the time dedicated to guiding translators in the installation process of the desktop application as well as to licence management by translators.

Additional benefits for our clients

One of the biggest advantages of WebTrans in terms of our service offer is the possibility of offering our clients a system with which they can interact directly to revise translations. Some of our clients carry out an internal quality control of translations using editors in their translation department or local editors from overseas distributors or branches. WebTrans enables the clients that so wish to integrate the features offered by an assisted translation tool with the work flow designed by AbroadLink. These features include the consultation of terms and phrases translated in the past to ensure consistency throughout the company's documentation, and many more.