Autumn Edition 2015

We welcome you to the autumn 2015 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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In July, Spanish goods exports increased by 8.9 % in inter-annual terms, reaching 23,507.9 million euros. This represents a new historical monthly high for exports and exceeds the previous record which also occurred this year (March 2015: 23,218.3 million euros). In real terms, exports increased by 6.8 % inter-annually due to a 1.9 % increase in the prices estimated by unit value indices.

However, the rhythm of exports is the economies of our main EU partners is slowing down: In Germany exports increased by 6.2 % (compared to 13.7 % in June); in France they increased by 1.6 % in July compared to 14.6 % the previous month; in Italy they have grown by 6.3 % in July compared to 9.4 % in June and in the United Kingdom they decreased by -2.2 % in July in comparison to a growth of 4.8 % in June. The inter-annual rate of the European Union of the 28 is 5.1 %, and that of the Eurozone is 5.3 %.

Outside of the European Union, exports have increased in Japan by 7.6 %, while in the United States they have suffered a significant decrease (-6.8 %). Moreover, imports in July 2015 accumulated a total of 24,904.0 million euros, which is 6.4 % more than in July 2014. This increase is even larger in real terms, of 9.5 %, due to a decrease in the prices estimated by unit value indices of 2.9 %.

Therefore, the trade balance had a deficit of 1,396.1 million euros in July 2015, i.e. 23.6 % less than the same month in 2014 (deficit of 1,826.7 million euros). The coverage rate this month is 94.4 %, 2.2 points higher than in July 2014 (92.2 %). The energy balance had a surplus of 933.1 million euros (1,423.4 million euros in July 2014, according to provisional data by the Ministry of Economy), representing a decline in the energy deficit of 28.3 %, reaching 2,329.2 million euros.

Source: Ministry of Economy