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Spanish exports grew by 3.8% in the first 10 months of 2015, 1.7 points higher compared to exports in the same period of 2014 (with an increase of 2.1%), reaching 208,430.4 million euros, an all-time high, according to data published by the Ministry of Economy in December 2015.

Furthermore, imports increased by 3.2%, reaching 228,960.7 million euros. In terms of volume, this growth was even greater, of 5.5%, due to the price decrease of 2.2%.

As a result, from January to October 2015, the trade deficit stood at 20,530.3 million euros, 2.7% less than that registered in the same period of 2014. The coverage rate reached 91.0%, which represents an increase of 0.5 points compared to January-October 2014 (90.5%). The non-energy balance recorded a surplus of 2,163.3 million euros (compared to 11,960.7 million euros for the period of January-October 2014), while the energy balance registered an improvement of 31.3% (reduction of the energy shortfall), due to the significant fall in energy prices.

Results for the January-October period in Spain are in line with those obtained by the main members of the eurozone. In this manner, exports in the eurozone recorded a 4.2% year-on-year growth, and those of the EU-28 recorded a slightly higher growth of 4.8%. According to countries, Spain's rate is among the same range as that of France (3.9%) and Italy (3.5%), is higher than that of the United Kingdom (-1.6%) and United States (-6.5%) and lower than that of Germany (6.7%) and Japan (5.5%).

Source: Ministry of Economy