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We start the new year with renewed hope. The New Year comes with uncertainty due to the slowdown in Chinese GDP growth and the slump in oil prices, leading to significant downturns in the stock exchange. Nevertheless, this change will create new business opportunities and it is hoped that it is just a temporary situation. At AbroadLink, 2015 has been a year of investments and we hope that during 2016 we will see the fruit of these investments.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you the very best start to the new year, and I hope that we can work on new and interesting projects and continue to grow together.


José Gambín

Sales and Marketing Director




Ziacom and AbroadLink sign a collaboration agreement

Last May Ziacom, a Spanish manufacturer of implants, and AbroadLink signed a collaboration agreement in connection with the translation services offered by AbroadLink to Ziacom. Therefore, AbroadLink can offer Ziacom services which are more adapted to its needs.

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International Business

October 2015: new historical high for Spanish exports

Spanish exports grew by 3.8% in the first 10 months of 2015, 1.7 points higher compared to exports in the same period of 2014 (with an increase of 2.1%), reaching 208,430.4 million euros.

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ISO-9001 certification renewal for translation and DTP services

In October last year AbroadLink renewed its ISO-9001 certification for professional translation and DTP services for the second year. ISO-9001 renewal gives us the opportunity to improve our processes every year.  

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Our management platform places all of your information at your disposal

As an essential part of our translation services, all of our customers can access the customer portal from our website using the email account used to communicate with us as the user name.

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Did you know...

...that the longest alphabet in the world has 72 letters?

The longest alphabet in the world corresponds to the official language spoken in Cambodia, Khmer, and it has 72 letters of which 32 are vowels. Nevertheless, its grammar is surprisingly simple if compared to the Romance languages, for example. There are no verb tenses, gender, plurals or articles.

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