Summer Edition 2016

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"New markets are opening up, especially in Asia"

In an interview with Empresa Exterior, Josť Antonio Morilla, who has witnessed the evolution of exports and the internationalisation process of Spanish companies, stated that although Spanish companies have and tend to address their internationalisation efforts at Latin America, due to their knowledge of the language and setting, there is an increasing number of companies that have set their sights on the emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. As Josť Antonio Morilla reveals, even Latin American companies have set their sights on this important geographic location from an economic point of view.

Spanish SME's had to internationalise their operations in order to continue their activity

Although as Josť Antonio Morilla rightly states, while large Spanish multinational companies already had a strong presence on the international market, many Spanish SME's had to internationalise their operations or collapse at the start of the crisis. At present, thanks to internationalisation, many of these companies have not only found a way to survive the national ailing economy, but it has also offered them an opportunity to grow and the chance to become large or medium multinational companies in the next 10-15 years. During the interview, he placed emphasis on the fact that the opportunities that many Spanish SME's are already embracing are found on the emerging markets of the East Pacific.

You can read the full interview here (in Spanish).