Summer Edition 2016

We welcome you to the Summer 2016 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Translation of safety data sheets

AbroadLink offers its clients and potential clients a new process with which they can receive up to a 50% reduction on the rate compared to the process without the use of technologies. The process includes the use of databases with official European Union translations along with the use of machine translation. Translations carried out in this way are revised by human translators.

The offer will be valid for all European Union languages

The offer for the translation of safety sheets encompasses all of the official languages of the European Union. In the case of the EN>ES combination, the rate is 0.0645 EUR/word and the other combinations will be reduced by a similar percentage. By limiting the offer to the languages of the European Union, translations will comply with EU regulations.

Translations are revised by native professional translators

After the process described above for the translation of safety sheets, they are revised by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and with experience in the translation of safety sheets. All of the translators working on this project follow AbroadLink's translator selection process, which is described in the Quality Manual of our ISO-9001 certification, based on the EN-15038 quality standard for translation services.

The rate includes format conversions and DTP of the final PDFs

The rate per word includes handling the editable PDFs, the usual format of safety sheets. In the case of scanned PDF files, DTP and formatting will be quoted separately. Correct handling of PDF files is one of the biggest challenges when translating safety data sheets as it is impossible to work on the files in their original format, but it is essential to be able to enjoy the benefits offered by linguistic technology. The final result is the translated safety data sheet in PDF format.