Autumn Edition 2016

We welcome you to the Autumn 2016 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Text exported from CMS

More advanced website content management systems (or CMS) make it possible to export text content for translation and subsequent automatic import, a compulsory approach in the case of websites with hundreds of thousands of words.

Code filtering

One of the challenges that we faced last quarter in terms of the efficient handling of content for translation exported from Magento was handling the html code in .csv or .xlsx files. Our first thought was to use the filter incorporated into OmegaT, a freely distributed assisted translation tool which is the only package with a specific filter for .csv files created in Magento. We also examined the possibility of working directly with the filter incorporated into SDL Studio, the leading tool on the market on which the work flow at AbroadLink is based as it is the most widely-used tool between translators, even if this would imply a significant amount of customisation. However, in the end we decided to create XLIFF files in memoQ, making it possible to filter the code by combining the Excel and HTML filters that come with the application by default.

The plug-in for multilingual content management in WordPress: WPML

WordPress is the most widely-used CMS for medium-sized websites on the Internet. WPML is a plug-in designed for integration with WordPress which facilitates the creation and management of multilingual websites. Although traditionally Word files have been used to send content for translation, WPML facilitates translation management as it enables text to be exported to formats that can be processed with standard translation tools. Generally, we recommend using this plug-in depending on the volume of words of the website. In the case of small websites the learning curve does not justify the investment and effort compared to the traditional method of copying and pasting from Word. It is advisable to estimate the hours of work that you might save by automatically exporting the text for translation and its subsequent import and then compare this to the estimated time needed to learn how to manage this plug-in. You can then base your decision on the calculations made.