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Autumn 2016 Edition
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There is just one month left until the end of autumn but we have the feeling that it has just begun. For yet another quarter we want to share our most interesting news with you.

Once again, the main focus of this newsletter is the development of machine translation technology. To discover the most recent research into this interesting topic that unites technology and language, we attended the Machine Translation Conference organised by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I hope you find it as interesting as I do!


José Gambín

Sales and Marketing Director




Text exported from CMS

More advanced website content management systems (or CMS) make it possible to export text content for translation and subsequent automatic import, a compulsory approach in the case of websites with hundreds of thousands of words.

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International Business

No talking in the bathroom!

Cultural differences can lead you to appear disrespectful towards others and, in the case of international business relations, they can result in misunderstandings and the loss of potential clients.

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UAB Machine Translation Conference

AbroadLink attended the 2nd International T3L Conference: Tradumatics, Translation Technologies and Localisation with the title “Translators and machine translation”, organised by the Translation Faculty at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  

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KantanTM: on-demand machine translation

KantanTM is a new age machine translation solution that makes machine translation accessible to smaller companies. The fact that the system is fed with texts from specialised fields and confidentiality are its greatest features.

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Did you know...

…that German declines?

If you have ever studied Latin you will know what the terms decline and declension mean. For the Germans declension is not something that is reserved for the classroom.

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