Winter Edition 2017

We welcome you to the Winter 2017 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Three-year anniversary of our ISO-9001 certification

In December 2016, AbroadLink renewed the quality standard ISO-9001. The company will address the necessary changes in the system to adapt the implementation of the standard to the new version and introduce improvements to the current system.

Three years ago we decided that the ISO-9001 quality standard would be a useful tool from a marketing and organisational point of view. Although we were confident that our management system was compatible with the standard and that it would be relatively simple to adapt our productive system, the fact is that ISO-9001 has provided a new level of professionalism in our services and corporate management, helping us to continually improve our processes.

Happy Anniversary: We have been ISO-9001-certified for 3 years!

AbroadLink obtained the ISO-9001 quality certification for the third consecutive year with TÜV-Rheiland. As a result of the external audit, we will introduce new measurement parameters to enable us to further control the satisfaction of our clients and quality control procedures while harnessing the indicators provided by our management system, XTRF.

ISO-9001:2015 emerges

At the end of 2015 the new quality standard, which will substitute the current ISO-9001:2008, came into existence, introducing significant changes to the standard, along with new concepts, such as the traditional SWOT analysis. AbroadLink will commence the adaptation period during 2017 and our next certification will be carried out in accordance with the latest version of the standard to avoid possible contingencies. The adaptation period to the new standard will last 3 years, so from the end of 2018 all certified companies will be so under the new standard.