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The future of companies involved in international trade hinges on AEO status

In 2006, the concept of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) was created in Europe, a type of trusted partner of European customs authorities. Upon completing a demanding certification process that can last for 2 years, such partners obtain a series of advantages in their interactions with customs authorities, resulting in greater flexibility and cost savings in international trade operations.

The advantages offered to companies by the European administration based on this concept are sufficiently important from a logistic and economic viewpoint to become an essential strategy to follow for companies that have a significant volume of trade with non-European foreign markets.

The main advantages of obtaining AEO status include comprehensive guarantees of reduced costs, national and European centralised clearance, authorisation to gain special status, reduction of physical and documentary checks (fewer red and orange channels), prior notification of customs inspections, priority handling when selected for inspection by customs officials, the choice of a specific location for the inspection and mutual recognition. If you would like more information on this subject, you can read our blog: “8 advantages of AEO certification for importers/exporters”.