Summer Edition 2017

We welcome you to the Summer 2017 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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ICEX Next is a programme offered by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones to Spanish SMEs that want to commence or consolidate their international activity, providing them with support from ICEX in all stages of development of the project.

50% subsidy on investments in foreign promotion

Thanks to the ICEX Next programme, AbroadLink will obtain 50% on all investments in foreign promotion. AbroadLink has identified France and England as its top target countries, where our objective is to consolidate our existing presence based on the creation of subsidiaries/branches in the country in order to bring us closer to our customers in these countries.

More direct customers, less outsourcing

From a strategic point of view, AbroadLink intends to decrease the country risk in the long term, by increasing the proportion of direct customers and reducing the amount of business generated from outsourcing the company's services to other European and American translation companies.

ICEX tools and guidance

Thanks to the ICEX Next programme, AbroadLink will receive guidance from an ICEX consultant, allowing the company to obtain an external revision of its current internationalisation strategy.

Through the ICEX Next Club, ICEX provides all of the companies involved in the programme with a series of tools with considerable added value aimed at ensuring an effective internationalisation process: consultants in the target country, Gold Master 1 Million CESCE policy, advice on industrial and intellectual property, competitive intelligence, etc.