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The summer heat goes hand in hand with the long-awaited and well-deserved holidays. Nevertheless, just like every year, AbroadLink will be open all summer to prepare the campaigns of our customers that will be launched in September.

This quarter, I would like to highlight our entry into ICEX Next, the Spanish Government's programme to support internationalisation, which will help us to accelerate our efforts to reach a greater number of external markets.

For companies that want to patent their inventions, I think the fact that the European Patent Office has announced the launch of a unitary patent, which will make it faster and more cost-efficient to patent in Europe, is great news.


José Gambín
Sales and Marketing Director




Sysfilter for CorelDraw: solution to extract text

CorelDRAW is a powerful software used for the design of brochures and manuals. At AbroadLink, we use the solution developed by Sysfilter to automate the processing of CorelDRAW files.

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International Business

The new European unitary patent will be launched in 2018

The new unified process will simplify the procedures for companies applying for patents. Such companies will no longer be required to present the corresponding application in each of the twenty-six countries.

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AbroadLink enters the ICEX Next programme

On 25 April 2017, AbroadLink signed the letter of accession to the ICEX Next programme pertaining to the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade. The objective of the programme is to increase and develop the internationalisation process of Spanish SMEs.  

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Renaming files is easier than ever with Renamer

We would like to talk about this small application, Renamer, which can be extremely useful for those who have to rename hundreds of files on a daily basis. Due to its low cost, this application will be easily repayable if necessary.

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Did you know...?

over 363 dialects and languages are spoken in France?

French has been "la langue de la République" since 1958, although over three hundred languages or dialects are spoken throughout France.

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