Summer Edition 2017

We welcome you to the Summer 2017 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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If you work with tens or hundreds of files on a daily basis and you need to rename them, we would like to tell you about a very powerful tool which works in a simple and efficient manner.

Renamer makes it possible to create rules to rename hundreds of files

This small application makes it possible to create rules that can be applied to your files to rename them. It boasts both the most simple features, such as inserting, deleting or replacing text, along with the most advanced features, such as changing from lower case to upper case (and vice versa) based on different patterns, applying complex expressions such as Regex expressions and even using Pascal scripts to make the necessary changes.

How to easily add language suffixes with Renamer

Below is a simple but extremely effective example that we use on a daily basis at our company. Translation project managers repeatedly need to change the name of the translated files to be sent to the customer to include the suffix of the language to which the file has been translated. There are times when the project manager needs to rename over one hundred files!

With Renamer, you simply have to first create a rule specifying the necessary change, for example, replace ".docx" with "_EN.docx". After having created the rule, it can be applied to the necessary files. To do so, you just have to select the corresponding files and drag them to the bottom window of the programme. Finally, press the button "Rename" and check that the change has been made in the required files. Below is a screenshot to illustrate this example.