Autumn Edition 2017

We welcome you to the Autumn 2017 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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Collaboration agreement with the University of Granada

Upon signing the framework agreement of the University of Granada, AbroadLink has undertaken to receive students from the University Master’s Degree in Professional Translation for a renewable period of 5 years.

The University Master’s Degree in Professional Translation is a postgraduate programme aimed at training highly qualified translators, to enable them to respond to the demands of the translation market with the necessary skills to pursue lifelong education once they have completed their postgraduate studies and joined the employment market.

AbroadLink will only accept profiles of interest

Based on this agreement, AbroadLink is not obliged to accept any specific potential candidate, and it will not have to accept any students at all if they do not comply with the profile sought by AbroadLink. Of all of the specialities offered by this Master’s Degree, AbroadLink is particularly interested in “specialised translation with translation technologies”, in which students focus on the use of applied technology in the field of translation.

Human resources strategy

The agreement signed with the University of Granada, just like that signed with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, follows a strategy which seeks to ensure the efficient recruitment of project managers and staff specialised in translation technologies. A student work placement is a reliable way of discovering the cognitive and emotional qualities of candidates, who may then be hired on an internship basis when their skills and personal interests are in line with the company’s objectives.