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The holidays and the summer heat are behind us, and now September, this busy month after the summer standstill, gives way to Autumn.

The most noteworthy news this quarter is the emergence of a new machine translation tool this summer, the results of which are on a par with the technology giant Google. The excellent results achieved by DeepL in machine translation confirms that the new paradigm based on neural networks works and that there is still room for improvement in the world of machine translation. With the improved quality of machine translations, it is increasingly more evident that professional human translators will have to employ such technologies more and more in order to satisfy the increasing demand for translation services.


José Gambín
Sales and Marketing Director




The problems posed by non-editable text in graphics

Non-editable texts in graphics are a powerful resource for graphic designers, but they entail greater costs and time when their translation is necessary, especially if the translation process has not been taken into account while creating the documents.

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International Business

Consequences of Brexit on trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union after a referendum. After this decision, we must ask: what will be the main consequences of this decision made by the British people?

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Collaboration agreement with the University of Granada

Last July, AbroadLink signed a collaboration agreement with the university of Granada in order to offer work placements to students from the University Master’s Degree in Professional Translation.

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DeepL: Google Translator’s newest rival

It is not often that David can conquer Goliath, but it would seem that the company DeepL has managed to become the David of linguistic technology with great potential to conquer the multidisciplinary technology giant.

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Did you know...?

French is the official language in 29 countries throughout the world?

French is the official or co-official language in 29 countries throughout the world, placing it in the second highest position after English. In 2016, 220 million people used French as an official or co-official language.

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