Winter Edition 2018

We welcome you to the Winter 2018 edition of our newsletter. We are pleased to share with you our achievements and our development as a translation vendor.

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As a mass commercial communication method, e-mailing or e-mail marketing is part of the marketing strategy of several companies. The incorporation of a CMS with an e-mail marketing platform makes it possible to manage the multilingual content submitted through the platform in a more efficient manner and with a certain degree of automation.

First stage: website translation

WordPress is used for one of every four websites across the world. In order to publish content in several languages, a specialised plug-in is necessary. WPML, WordPress MultiLingual, is probably the most sophisticated and best known. It is already used for over 400,000 websites, and it is an affordable and stable plug-in with proven effectiveness. It enables the translation of pages, publications and menus based on automated extraction processes of the text for translation and of the import of translations. It provides translators with the texts for translation in a format supported by the computer assisted translation programmes used by professional translators. A new WPML application was launched recently, making it possible to apply the same translation process to forms and MailChimp messages.

Second stage: international e-mailing campaign

MailChimp is an effective and simple tool that makes it possible to carry out e-mailing campaigns. In other words, sending commercial e-mails to several recipients that meet specific criteria. It also enables the creation of newsletters based on templates, the automation of deliveries, the integration of content on social networks, etc. Therefore, the integration of WPML and MailChimp makes it possible to streamline and plan e-mailing campaigns. One of the main advantages of integrating WordPress with MailChimp is that all pages, articles, etc. can be used as content for the campaign and can be automatically integrated into the newsletter. The process of sending e-mails in several languages can be automated, and contacts, obtained through forms on the website, are automatically added to the list of recipients, enabling their segmentation.