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As we already announced in our last newsletter, AbroadLink Translations is formally now an ISO 13485 (standard for quality management of medical devices), and ISO 17100 (for translation services) certified translation provider.

In particular, I hope that you will find interesting the entry about the future of translation and the one about the elements to translate in a website for organic positioning. I think it is a piece of information that might be useful.


José Gambín
Sales and Marketing Director




MyKronoz mobile app translation

Last quarter we translated the mobile app that communicates with the smartwatches designed by the Swish designer and manufacturer, MyKronoz. The translation and update of the app was done into 13 languages.

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International Business

Translation and web positioning

What elements of a website should be translated when we want to use our site's SEO strategy during its translation? What is the most efficient way to manage it? What can we leave untranslated if SEO is not relevant?

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AbroadLink obtains ISO-13485 and ISO-17100 certifications

As we announced in the last 2018 newsletter, last November, AbroadLink Translations underwent the necessary audits by Bureau Veritas to renew its ISO-9001 certification and become ISO-13485 and ISO-17100 certified.

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Past, present and future of translation

If at the beginning of the 20th century the typewriter became the work tool of translators; computers, the Internet and computer applications are today the indisputable work companion in the intellectual solitude of translators. Where are we heading?

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Did you know...?

...Euskera is an independent language?

Numerous studies have been carried out and there are several theories about the birth and evolution of the Basque language, although there is no certainty about this origin. What is clear is that Basque is a very special language.

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